Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Telephone Banking

Why is Voice Access the leading IVR provider in the industry? Voice Access uses speech recognition to achieve an engaging, helpful and natural caller experience that serves callers quickly, efficiently, and consistently. Most customers can and do use a telephone to transact routine business and gather needed information. With the power of speech recognition, users can interact using any phone to get information, or to conduct transactions instantly — simply by speaking naturally. Speech services replace cumbersome touch-tone interfaces that confuse and frustrate callers, especially those using cordless phones.

Voice Access is an industry leader in telephone banking and VRU with Online Interfaces to most core solutions. We have over 400 Financial Institutions that use Voice Access.

Benefits of Advanced Speech Processing Technology include:

  Improved productivity for your business and customers.

  A more customer friendly experience for all callers (touch-tone, rotary, and cellular).

  The ability to interact using both spoken and touch-tone commands.

  Give customers with disabilities an alternative to traditional touch-tone only systems.

  Extend your Web-based initiatives to anyone with a phone.

  Efficiency through reduced call lengths to save time and cost.

  Improved customer satisfaction and acceptance of automation Valuable enhancement to your customer service.

  Improved customer service by providing 24×7 access to information through an intuitive, convenient, and friendly interface

  Differentiate your business and brand by launching innovative services using one of today’s most exciting technologies.

  Provides a rapid (ROI) – lower operational costs can provide a competitive edge and will maximize the (ROC) invested in the IVR.

Integrated Solution

Continuous Speech Recognition: Allows callers to speak account numbers, dollar amounts, and short phrases using a natural, continuous speaking style at any time within the system. Refer to the "Why Speech?" information sheet for more details.

Touch-tone compatible: For the more traditional IVR users, the use of touch-tones is available at any time throughout the system.

Multiple Database Capability: Ability to handle multiple banks on a single system with customizable options for each bank – ideal for data centers servicing multiple banks.

Browser Based System Administration: Module can be accessed from any system connected to the financial institution’s network via browser (i.e. Internet Explorer) to perform administrative functions such as resetting PINs and printing reports – controlled by multi-level security.

Expandability: Ability to increase system capacity by simply adding more telephone line interface cards or additional servers for higher call volume.

Flexibility: Uses analog telephone lines or direct T-1 digital connections.

Microsoft Windows: Industry-proven and supported operating system offers current and future compatibility with the latest hardware, application software, system tools, and utilities.

ODBC Compliant Database: Standard SQL database allows connectivity to third party applications such as Microsoft Excel and report generators such as Crystal Reports.

Server-Grade System Components and Redundancy: Available commercial-grade, rack-mountable system with mirrored, RAID-1 disk drives, dual power supplies, redundancy, and fault tolerance.

e-Statements: Via scheduled e-mail and faxing of Interim Statements for balances and transactions to pre-registered recipients; a great supplement to your e-Banking offerings. Please refer to the "Premier e-Statements" information sheet for more details.

Enhanced Security Features: Unmatched flexibility to control access to customer information and funds transfers, including automatic lockout of dormant accounts and accounts that have not been assigned PINs.

Maintenance and Support: System upgrades and future product enhancements included, along with unmatched customer service.

Security Highlights

Why not leave the security up to us? All banks today are faced with the challenge of ensuring the privacy and protection of their valuable customer information. At the same time, customers continue to expect convenient and private access to their personal account information without compromising the security of that information. With this in mind, the developers at Voice Access have worked hard to build a system that allows the bank to have total control and flexibility in controlling the security of the information available on the Voice Access Premier system.

The following are some important Premier features that give our banks more flexibility in enforcing their security procedures, and to better satisfy the requirements of bank regulators.

Enrollment: Security is at the financial institution’s discretion. The bank can decide if new accounts are automatically accessible, or if bank personnel must activate accounts at the customer's request.

Expiration: The bank can configure the time period a new account remains accessible before a PIN is set. If the customer does not setup their PIN in this time period, the system will automatically disable that customer's accounts. Dormant accounts can be automatically disabled if they have not been accessed for a specified time period.

Funds Transfer Confirmation: A confirmation number is presented to the caller on all funds transfer requests and printed on the funds transfer reports.

User Defined Access: Individual User IDs and passwords control access to all administration programs. All activities are logged and available for review by users with the appropriate access level. Individual accounts can be configured to disallow any combination of inquiry, funds transfers and merchant verifications. Access can also be controlled by the customer's SSN/TIN.

Strong Password: Methodology is used for system administration passwords and the PINs are encrypted in the database.

Hardware Security

RAID-1 mirrored, hot-swappable hard disk drives: In case of a hard drive failure, the faulty drive can be replaced without disrupting the operation of the system.

Dual hot-swappable redundant power supplies: There are two power supplies providing power to the system at all times. If one fails, it can be replaced while the other power supply keeps the system running.

Intelligent Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS): In case of a loss of power, the UPS will continue to supply power to the system for approximately one hour. If the battery level drops below a certain threshold, the system will be properly shutdown, and the system will automatically restart when power is restored.

Software & Service Highlights

      Real-time interfaces

      Account inquiries on Checking, Savings, Loans, CDs, and IRAs

      Complete transaction history for Checking, Savings, and Loans

      Search for transactions by check number or amount

      Interest Information – YTD nterest, previous year's interest, interest rate

      Funds Transfers between related accounts with option to allow loan payments

      Current day's memo posted transactions including ACH and cash letter items

      NSF notifications

     Customer requested faxing of Interim Statements

      Merchant Check Verification

      Account rate board for CDs, IRAs, Loans, and other interest bearing accounts

      Detailed call statistics and system usage reports with automatic print option to any network printer or e-mail address

      "0" transfer to bank personnel with option to transfer to the customer's specific branch

      Lost or Stolen ATM/Debit Card reporting

      Customizable Bank Information to promote bank's products and local community events

      Professional recording of custom system prompts and messages at no additional cost

      24/7 customer support by toll-free 800 number with remote dial-in capability

      Spanish and Mandarin Languages available

      Community Message Center