Mobile Deposit


Make Mobile Deposits Anywhere, AnytimeYou pick the vendor and we will integrate the interface. Financial institutions are now able to offer all the advantages of RDC to retail and business customers using iPhones, Androids, and various tablets. These users are now able to do their banking remotely by simply taking a picture of their check and sending the information to their financial institution.

With this seamless integration, MEA allows account holders to initiate mobile-banking sessions, key in their deposit amounts and snap photos of both the front and back of checks with their smartphone cameras or tablets. MEA securely passes the deposit information to the vendor. The vendor then consumes the check images and converts them into industry-standard Check 21 images for transmission to the bank or credit union. Before transmitting the check images, most vendors utilize Mitek Systems' IMagePROVE™ technology to format the images, automatically correct any image distortions or skewing and confirm that the images meet Check 21 and mobile image-quality standards.

After the checks are submitted successfully, account holders receive notification back from their financial institution alerting them that the transaction was successfully completed. All transactions are transmitted with multiple layers of security and, if necessary, can be traced back to registered smartphones, marked with time and location, in order to combat fraud.

How does it work after MEA/Vendor integration?
  • Select the Deposit option after you log into mobile banking
  • Complete the simple enrollment
  • Take photos of your endorsed check
  • Enter the deposit amount and choose your account for deposit
  • Submit and get confirmation of your deposit via email and/or text message

Ease of Use

Snap. Flip. SnapNow with Mobile Remote Deposit integration, making a deposit into your checking or savings accounts is as easy as snapping a picture on your mobile device. Most importantly it is safe and secure.

Message and Data Rates may apply.