Dynamic Enterprise Solutions

Project implementation, integration and maintenance.

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Evolving Industry Demands

Innovate at the speed your customers demand.

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Right method of approach

Software quality and responsiveness to changing customer requirements.

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MEA is a national leader in the provision of innovative software solutions to the financial services marketplace around the nation.

PREMIUM services

Our dynamic solutions are strategically developed to adapt to the world that is constantly evolving.

24/7 Client Support

An industry leader in customer service — We understand that issues occur outside of normal business hours.

Global Solutions

We work to clearly understand the technical requirements your product needs to produce the optimal solution.

New Product

  • Text Concierge

    Entering the next generation of full service customer communication, MEA leverages the interoperability of SMS messaging with the speed and convenience of instant message.

  • Next Generation Communication

    As new communication methods evolve, the text message continues to trend as the desirable means of communication regardless of device, carrier or technical aptitude for a widespread demographic.

  • Demonstration & Documentation

    Text Concierge is here to change the way businesses use text messaging, delivering a personal touch to customer service while streamlining businesss processes.

latest projects

UniFI Digital Banking
Digital suite of products under one umbrella creating a unified experience.

Telephone Banking
Voice Access is an industry leader in telephone banking and VRU with Online Interfaces to most core solutions. We have over 400 Financial Institutions that use Voice Access.

ReliaMax Private Student Loans
ReliaMax makes it easy for lenders to offer private student loans, grow their customer base and enhance the earning power of their business.

Account Security is a Priority
By integrating the SMS Method of Identity Confirmation, this feature adds an extra level of verification to the end user's account.

Pay bills, check your balance, deposit checks, find locations and ATMs, transfer money, and even switch your debit card on and off! You can also enroll in Text Banking and manage your alerts with a simple touch.

Apple Watch
The most personal product to date from Apple, because it's the first one designed to be worn.

Provides a secure, cost effective solution to electronically deliver financial institutions’ traditional paper statements and other electronic documents.

Takes a comprehensive approach to mobile security and built a complete platform — spanning mobile app testing, device monitoring, forensics and security intelligence.

Industry Experience

Our Team of Professionals

Our experienced team has a vast knowledge of software development, installation, sales, and marketing, with an emphasis on customer satisfaction.

  • Committed to offering superior products
  • Quality solutions to meet the needs of our customers
  • Exceptional Customer Service