eDocument Access


A Secure, Cost Effective SolutionThrough many years of experience in the banking industry, MEA has created a suite of niche products to assist financial institutions in gaining a competitive advantage and in reducing operational costs. eDocument Access provides a secure, cost effective solution to electronically deliver financial institutions’ traditional paper statements.

Software Highlights
  • Color Logos
  • Check Images
  • Web Administration
  • Ad-Hoc Document Delivery
  • Searchable Text w/i PDF Statements/Notice

Software & Service Highlights

Statement Generation eDocument Access uses a virtual printer linked to your statement processing tool. The virtual printer generates Adobe PDF documents that can be delivered via email to the account holder as an attachment or as a link to the online statement. The statements are archived for a period of time determined by the financial institution. The financial institution's internal email server will be used to send all electronic statements.

Online EnrollmenteDocument Access offers an online enrollment tool for account holders. The online enrollment tool will be linked to the financial institution's website. Enrollments are provided to the financial institution's staff for review and approval.

No Interface RequiredeDocument Access is fully functional without integration to the financial institutions core system. Eliminating the need for integration greatly reduces costs and provides a more reliable solution.

SecurityAll statements are stored using institution-owned hardware. Online enrollment and web features are driven by servers located at MEA's underground secure facility. The electronic statements have no sensitive customer information, allowing them to be sent via email. The in-house financial institution servers will communicate with MEA web servers via a secure VPN connection.

No Per User/Account Fees Electronic statements greatly reduce monthly operating expense and postage. The eDocument Access pricing model eliminates per statement fees by only charging Annual License and Support fees. Financial Institutions can build their electronic statement program without unpredictable budget concerns.

Rapid Deployment with a Turnkey Service

Implementation The installation is coordinated by an experienced MEA professional who will work directly with a eDocument Access coordinator from the financial institution. This team effort will develop the program requirements and parameters, fully train the financial institution's staff, and install the eDocument Access software solution. The typical implementation will take 30-60 days to complete and can be completed remotely to reduce upfront expenses.

Employee EducationTraining classes are designed and scheduled to fit the needs of the financial institution. All employees attend a one hour session and receive detailed materials on how the program will be administered. Employee education is the key to overall success when installing eDocument Access.

Policies & ProceduresEach new client is provided electronic versions of both policy and procedures. These documents are continually monitored and updated by MEA with the guidance of our customer base.

Program & Software Support MEA provides technical and program support from 7:00am to 7:00pm Monday – Friday. Customer base conference calls are done periodically to monitor the success of the program.

Proven Track Record MEA employees combine for over 200 years of experience serving the Finance Industry. In operation for more than 7 years, MEA now serves over 900 financial institutions with its products and services.