Privacy Policy

Please find below our commitment to the protection of nonpublic personal consumer information.

MEA as a vendor for CLIENT acknowledges that privacy regulations govern the disclosure of nonpublic personal information about consumers. “Information” shall be defined herein as nonpublic personal information about consumers, disclosed by CLIENT to MEA.


MEA Agrees:

a. that information will be stored on or in any devices or networks in such a manner, with security measures, that is consistent with industry standards for information of the type and nature;

b. to treat nonpublic personal information of CLIENT strictly confidential and safeguard it

c. to notify CLIENT immediately, of any breach in security resulting in unauthorized intrusions into MEA systems or facilities where such information is stored that may materially affect CLIENT or customers of CLIENT;

d. to provide information as to when and how the breach occurred, the effect on CLIENT or customers of CLIENT and corrective action taken by MEA;

e. to provide notice to CLIENT in the event MEA is compelled to disclose information pursuant of applicable laws, rules and regulations. In such event, MEA shall cooperate with CLIENT in seeking to obtain any protective orders to other arrangement pursuant to which the confidentiality of the information maintained. If such an order is not obtained then MEA shall disclose only that portion of the information as is required pursuant to the compelled disclosure.

f. to maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards that comply with federal regulations or any other appropriate measures to guard non-public personal information to protect the confidentiality and security of the information shared by CLIENT pursuant to this Agreement.

g. not to disclose or use any information that is obtained except to carry out the purpose for which such information was provided, or as otherwise permitted by privacy regulations and other applicable laws and regulations;

h. to refrain from making changes to security measures that would unduly increase the risk of an unauthorized access; and at any time, upon the request of CLIENT, return all information in its possession that was obtained from CLIENT by MEA.



How We Work

MEA focuses on application development with enterprise architecture and hosting, security and reliable customer service. Our growth and success are a direct result of our strong core values of excellence, intregrity, and service.

We take a different approach than the corporate giants. We don't mislead our clients with false hope. We don’t create layers of process that can slow down work. We simply focus on your goals and provide a talented team to reach them. When your priorities change, we change with you. And most importantly, we deliver...