Text Banking

Text Banking & Alerts

Quick Account AccessSMS banking is a technology-enabled service offering from banks to its customers, permitting them to operate selected banking services over their mobile phones using SMS messaging for flexible access to those authorized. Security is taken care of with the latest industry standards in encryption and authentication.

If you can send and receive text messages on your phone, you can use Text/SMS Mobile Banking to quickly access account information and make transfers. You can perform many of the high demand Mobile Banking functions via text message.

Text/SMS Mobile Banking is available to your end-users as soon as enrollment is completed.

Software Highlights
  • Retrieve Account Balances
  • Get Recent Transactions/li>
  • Transfer Funds Between Accounts

Commands & Alerts

Text/SMS Banking Commands (Text to 39257)

ENROLLSends an enrollment message to the institution for end-user review/setup

BALReceive account balances for all accounts enrolled - Example: Bal

BAL[nickname]Receive the balance of the nicknamed account - Example: Bal Chkg

HISTReturns the history for all accounts enrolled - Example: Hist

HIST[nickname]Returns the history for that account - Example: Hist Chkg

XFER[from last four of account] [to last four of account [amount] — Transfers funds between two accounts - Example: XFER 1234 6789 25.00

XFER [from acct nickname 1] [to acct nickname 2] [amount] — Transfers funds between two accounts - Example: XFER Chkg Svgs 25.00

HELPReturns a list of available commands and customer service information

STOPReturns a list of available SMS Banking commands

Balance AlertsDaily Balance Alerts, Balance Threshold Alerts, and Monthly Balance Alerts.

Message and Data Rates may apply.