Fraud Alerts


High-Level ProtectionSMS Transaction Alerts have been implemented to help identify fraudulent transactions on the end-user's accounts. This dynamic technology allows the end-user to take the necessary actions to prevent loss. Through the alert received via an SMS text, account/card holders can verify transaction details. If the transaction appears to be irregular, account/card holders can immediately contact their bank to stop further transactions on the card. The service is designed to help account/card holders keep closer track of their transactions and spending levels as they go about their daily routine.

Software Highlights
  • Global Trancode Definitions & Categories
  • Dynamic Content Per Alert/Trancode (body & footer)
  • Benefactors - Institution & Customer
  • Fraud Loss Prevention/Deduction
  • Android & iOS App Integration
  • Minimize Card Theft Damage
  • Core Integration
  • Criteria-Based Alerting
  • Seamless App Integration

The Next Generation

Mobile World It is no secret that we are becoming a mobile world. Cell phones are now the main point of contact for most people. The next generation of financial institution customers are armed with the knowledge and desire to access information via their mobile devices. With Mobile Access you can enable your customers with this technology at a value unmatched in the industry.

Research Javelin Strategy & Research — Financial alerts have the potential to serve as a customer's nervous system for checking and savings accounts, credit cards, bill pay, investments, loans, collections, fraud prevention, customer service and more. They also can improve how customers monitor and control every important aspect of their finances. Consumers view timely alerts as a valuable resource to help detect fraud.

FindingsSix in 10 consumers believe that text alerts are useful tools for preventing fraud. Only 32 percent of financial institutions surveyed were offering alerts for card-not present transactions.

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